Quantified Planet supports business and  people to reconnect to nature though solutions and experiences that can improve health on earth.

The more data we have about how we are living on our planet and our systems are working, the more our community of AI researchers, developers and innovators can take a deep data dive and discover answers to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

Plant based food system

Pandemics and climate change have demonstrated the vulnerability of our food system from several dimensions. Questions on how to develop a resilient the plant based food supply system is becoming more important. Farmers need new data and services to adapt to changing demands in crops, but also adaptation to climate change with rising temperatures. Grocery chains and fast food restaurants adapt their offering to local plant based to reduce Co2 and support local eco-systems. Still, there are quite a few gaps to fill on data which creates new opportunities for startups and businesses to fill.

Forest & Water

The changes in forest management over the years in combination with draughts, strong winds and lighting boxes have enabled wildfires to erupt in unpresencendented ways. It demands planning and planting in new ways also in areas not yet affected. Biodiversity and biotop changes with temperature rise and changes in precipitation needs more sophisticated tools for monitoring hyper local areas such as satellite.

To manage mountain springs and lakes for drinking water is becoming critical for the wellbeing of people. As more people leave the cities for exploration in nature in their past time, their inexperience of walking freely in nature puts higher pressure on ecosystems. It requires County Board Governments to monitor water quality in springs much more often than has previously has been the case as well as training visitors remotely while they still are in the city how to behave.

Mobility & Transportation

Autonomous vehicles, electric cars and bikes and car sharing are revolutionizing how we are getting around in our cities. Cars are a major source of data, collected via sensors, cameras and analytics. With an integrated data system, we can sustainably manage parking challenges, public transportation, take measures to decrease traffic congestion and offer cost effective and nature friendly alternatives to traditional transportation.

The rapid development of mobility tools for improving people and packages transportsystem has grown immensely. However it is still lagging on the countryside and in certain urban neighborhoods. Different transportation solutions for e-commerce forces people to pick up packages at different locations and there is very little synergy as of today. Here lies an opportunity for combining transportation solutions for people and packages in particular remote areas to reduce Co2.

Air & Wind

Healthy Air used to be an issue in highly urbanized area, but as wildfires and smoke has spread across landscapes and cities from miles away air quality can be hazardous even on the countryside. Air purifiers and air quality monitoring tools will continue to grow demand for. So will the insight on hyper local data for wind be equally important knowing where there is easy to breathe or not.

New Villages

As more and more people work remotely we will most likely see a new green wave of people moving to the countryside. As we don’t need to be in a physical office all days of the week any longer, there is no reason to pay high rent in cities or live in a crammed spaces. This will change the life of small villages on the countryside and creates a potential for innovation for services and tools. In a way it is nothing new under the sun, on the other hand village life needs to encourage people to live more sustainable lifestyles in many ways.

Learning from Data

You have the power to collect and track data on a regular basis via your own activities/steps, mobile phone, smart watch, car, computer, refrigerator or lawn mower. We can learn about the patterns and trends of our own activities and just how healthy and active we are in different environments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has great potential to push forward applications and new innovations to manage our planet. Quantified Planet has started a series of talks to capture the latest thinking around AI for our planet.