Quantified Planet is a visionary non profit organization, leading and creating access to and exploration of real time open data. It is our vision to be a global leader within real time data and AI.

We expand and push the boundaries of how we collect and distribute data about the current health of people, places and our planet for the benefit of humanity and to achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

About Us

Quantified Planet's base camp is located in the historic fortress of Kastellet, in the archipelago, Vaxholm, Sweden.

Our culture is about co-creation and in partnership with others. With businesses, cities and science working with open real time data, we catalyze innovations and solutions for a more sustainable planet.

Maja Brisvall, CEO, Co-founder

We believe in the power of realtime open data to contribute to a sustainable and resilient planet for the benefit of humanity.

Stop by our base camp and visitor lab located in the historic fortress of Kastellet, in the archipelago, Vaxholm, Sweden, or at city work space at Open Lab at the Royal Institute of Technology in central Stockholm.


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We are always looking for talented visionaries and entrepreneurs, put simply - people with good ideas that have a positive and sustainable idea and impact for our planet. Please contact


Maja Brisvall
CEO, Co-founder
Owen Gaffney
Merci Olsson
VP Communications
Daniel Gillblad
Peter Svensson
Head of Technology
Celesta Erkander
Head of Finance
Jakob Trollbäck
Advisor, The New Division by Trollbäck + Company
Thomas Elmqvist
Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Timon McPhearson
Associate Professor, New School
Rebecca Oliver
VP Strategy & Development

We are always looking for talented developers, data scientists, storytellers and passionate nature lovers and change agents to join our community. Contact

Visitor Lab

Quantified Planet’s base camp is located in the historic fortress of Kastellet, in the archipelago, Vaxholm, Sweden. Curious data driven visitors are encouraged to drop by our lab to tinker with sensors, have a coffee and a chat. Contact

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